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Formativ Resources
Welcome to the Formativ resources page, which outlines some key resources to help you leverage the benefits of Formativ.
Success Stories

  Success Story - Advansys Formativ assists victims of Hurricane Katrina

  Success Story - Cardiff University

  Success Story - Hessischer Rundfunk Radio & TV Broadcaster

  Success Story - Customer-R-Tools and Alpha Groep

  Success Story - New South Wales Department of Commerce - CCSU [PDF]

  Success Story - Klagenfurt University [PDF]

Brochures, Articles, Presentations, White Papers

  Formativ Solutions Guide

  Formativ Brochure (PDF) - English: Letter or A4

  Formativ Brochure (PDF) - German

  Formativ Overview (Powerpoint)

  Formativ White Paper (PDF)

  Formativ DeveloperNet Webinar

  Formativ Distribution Resources

  BrainShare 2005 Session TUT333 Developer Examples

  BrainShare 2004 Session DHO340 Developer Examples

  BrainShare 2003 Presentation - Formativ Administration

  Advisor Article - October 2002

  Novell AppNote - March 2002

Special Technical Resource Links

  Our enterprise solutions, such as Enterprise Calendar Dates and Enterpise Proxy, require the Trusted Application DLL to be installed on the administrators workstation. More Infomation

  If you wish to include SmartFields for eDirectory/NDS fields in your Stationery, Templates or Signatures, then you will need to install the following software, available for download from Novell.

· ActiveX Controls for Novell Services (Core Components) –
· NDAP Controls –
GroupWise Cool Solutions - Formativ Applet Central
GroupWise Cool Solutions is the premier online resource for all things GroupWise. Formativ Applet Central is a regularly updated area on Cool Solutions where users can share Formativ applets with the rest of the GroupWise community. There are many free Formativ solutions already available, which you can download, use and modify! GroupWise Cool Solutions Web Site
Formativ Applet Focus Articles
Advansys Formativ gives you the power to make GroupWise work the way you want! To help you understand what is possible with Formativ, click here to review the in-depth Applet Focus Articles. Formativ Applet Focus
Formativ Support Forums
If you need a question answered, visit one of our moderated online support forums. Advansys support staff actively monitor the forums and provide answers to your questions, technical or otherwise. There is a support forum for every facet of Formativ development and management.

  Formativ Administration. For support information and discussions on the Formativ integrated development and administration environment.

  Creating Solutions With Formativ. For support information and discussions on writing solutions with the Formativ applet language.

  Formativ Solutions Packs. For support information on and discussions about Formativ solutions.

  eDirectory/NDS management. For support information and discussions on managing Formativ when using Novell eDirectory/Novell Directory Services (NDS).

  Formativ Runtime. For support information and discussions on the Formativ Runtime.

Formativ Custom Development Partners
Can't find the exact GroupWise solution you need?

While Formativ makes developing for GroupWise as easy as ABC, you may not have the time or resources to invest in making GroupWise work the way you do.

If you require someone to assist you with a custom GroupWise solution, contact one of our partners the Formativ Custom Development Partners Page.
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  Formativ Guide (Acrobat pdf)

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