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Formativ Applet Listing
Below is a 'raw' example listing of applets developed by Advansys. In response to customer demand, more are being developed each day. This list is provided to help illustrate what can be achieved with Formativ.

While some applets are available commercially from Advansys, some are available free at GroupWise Cool Solutions and some are supplied as example applets for Formativ Creator and Studio, many have not yet been released. If you have a need for a solution similar to what appears in the list, for availability please contact us at:

Access User Defined Fields From Address Book
Entry Account Rights
Accounting Code Report Status bar
Accounting Codes
Accounting Codes Report
Add Entry To Address Book
Add New Column To A GroupWise Folder View
Add Or Edit Message Category
Add Or Edit Message Note
Add Sender Addresses To Address Book
Add Sender Email Addresses To Address Book
Add Signature
Add URLs To Message
Address book Debugger
Address Book Entry To Clipboard
Address Book Publisher
Address Book Search
Address Mail Using Selected Items
Address Reformatter
Analyze Excel Documents
Anti-Spam And File Cabinet Rule
Anti-Spam Rule
Appointment Converter
Archive Email
Archive Manager
Archive Messages With Custom Fields
Archive Override
Arrange Shared Folders [Admin User]
Arrange Shared Folders [End User]
Attach Selected Messages
Attachments Size
Banking Personal Loan Sign-Up
Calendar Dates Creator
Calendar Dates Importer
Cancel Msgbox Test
Category Report
Category View
Change Hidden Property
Check Requisition
Cleanup Messages
Clone Message
Clone Posted Appointment
Commerce Bank And Trust
Conditions Of Use
Conditions Of Use Example
Convert File (Gif & Bmp) To Source
Convert VBS String To HTML
Copy FromText To Clipboard
Create And Publish Category Appointment Report Create Anniversaries
Create GroupWise Calendar Web Page
Create GroupWise Filter
Create Mailing Labels
Create Personal Address Book Group
Create Posted Note
Create Posted Task
Create Query
Create Routing Mail Message
Create Search Folder
Create Sent Message
Create Support Task
Create Word Mail Merge Source
CSV Address Book Importer
CSV Export
Custom Attachment Processor
Custom Field Applet
Customize Startup Folder
DA Phone Record
Database Access Techniques
Database Management
Day Blocker
Delete Attachments From Selected Messages
Delete Custom Fields
Delete Hidden Messages
Delete Message From The Sent Items And Trash
Delete Message From Trash
Delete Settings Messages
Disable Document Management Integrations
Disable GroupWise Features
Disk Statistics
Display Selected Address Book Entries
Distribution List Management
Document Management
Domain Information
Dynamic Dialog Test
Enable Or Disable Document Management
Error Handler
Excel Automation
Execute A Program
Execute Batch File
Execute GroupWise Commander
Execute Regsvr And Register DLL
Expense Report
Export GroupWise Appointments Into MS Excel
Export Messages To XML
Export Tasks To MS Project
Extract Applet Name
Extract NGW Digest Messages
File Picker Dialog
Filing Assistant
Find Contacts
Find Email Address In The Address Book
Find In Text
Find Matches Using Regular Expressions
Find Message Attachments
Find Records In MS Access Database
Folder Configuration
Format Method Demo
Formativ Directories
Formativ Stationery
Formativ Task View
Forward Message To Records
Forward Selected Messages
Get Sender Post Office Information
Get Sent Message Properties
Go To Sender's Web Page
GroupWise Server
Hide Message
Hospital Operation Scheduler
HTML Applets Integration
HTML Image Processor Class
HTML To VBS String
iCal Converter
Import Excel Data Into An Address Book
Import Or Export Act Contacts
Import Outlook Email
Import Outlook Items
Import Stationery
Insert Caller Details
Insert Quote Marks
Integrate Address Book Info Into Document
Internet Reply Formatter
Load Test 1
Load Test 1_Attachment Option
Load Test 2
Load Test 2_Attachment Option
Load Test 3
Load Test Message Cleanup
Log File -Class
Lotus Notes Migration
Mail Recipient Check
Mailbox Statistics
Mailbox View
Manage Distribution Lists
Manage Personal Groups
Manage Users And Distribution List
Mass Mailer - Address Extractor
Message Classification
Message Monitor
Message To Template
Message To Word Document - Hebrew
Messages To Microsoft Access
Messages To Word Document
Mime Format
MSN Messenger Integration
Multiple Signatures
New Appointment
New Email
New Note
New Phone Message
New Task
No Junk Mail
Out Of The Office Rule
Personalized Mass Email
Play Audio File
Portal Manager
Print Directory Information
Print GroupWise Properties
Print Incoming Fax Message
Print Message - Debug
Print Pack slip Message
Publish Distribution List
Publish Distribution List To MS Excel
Publish Folder List To MS Word
Publish User List To MS Excel
Quick Recipients
Random Number Generator
Randomize Number
Read eDirectory Data
Read Excel Document
Read URL From Favorite Folders
Reading From Registry
Register Delphi Tinifile Server
Remind Me
Reminder Execute
Remote Mode Assistant
Remove Addresses From Frequent Contacts
Remove Duplicate Address Book Entries
Remove Duplicate Calendar Entries
Resolve Addresses
Routing Mail Message
Run An Application
Run Program Via Shell Method
Run Rule List
Sample Note Class
Save And Open Message Through
Save Attachments Into Folder
Save Composing Message
Save GroupWise Messages To Disk
Save Incoming Messages And Attachments
Save Message And Attachments
Save Message To Disk
Save Messages As HTML Or Text
Scan GW Folders Collection
Script Shell - Test
Search And Replace
Seek Method
Select An Archive Path
Send Mail - Test
Send Notification Mail
Send Welcome Message
Set Reply Status
Shell Run Method
Sort Folders
Space Saver
SQL Example
Standard Dialog Demo
Stationery Creator
Store Mail Into Ms Access
Store Message Into Paradox Database
Store Messages Into File
String List
Sub matches Collection
Support Account
Switch View Mode
Task Audit & Publish Report
Tasks Delegated To Me
Tasks View
Template System
Timer Test
Today View
Track Read Message
Trusted Application - Create And Remove
Trusted Application - Test Login
Unzip File In Command Line
Update Formativ Paths
Update Settings Constant [Internal]
Use Custom Fields In The Filter Syntax
View Favorites Window List
View Saved Messages
View Sent Items
Virus Alert
Web Site Portals
Weekly Reminders
White Pages
Write Registry
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