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ACT! Plugin for PsiWin 2.1
ACT! Plugin for PsiWin 2.2
LinkWise 2000 - Symantec ACT! Edition


Symantec ACT! for the Psion

Symantec previously developed and distributed ACT! for the Psion Series 3. This was a version of ACT! that was installed and ran on the actual Psion Series 3. It allowed users to synchronize data between the version of ACT! running on the Psion and a desktop version of ACT!. Symantec never developed a version for the Psion Series 5/5MX devices.

This product is totally unrelated to our 'ACT! Plugin for Psion' and 'LinkWise 2000 - Symantec ACT! Edition' products, which are plug-ins to PsiWin, and do not run on the mobile device.

Advansys is unable to provide support or answer questions about this Symantec product. Please direct any questions regarding ACT! for the Series 3 to Symantec. Please note we are unaware if Symantec still provides support for this product.

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Last updated: Thursday, March 2, 2000
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