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Advansys PST Creator
Create Outlook PST files from Advansys Archive To Go archives & Portable Messages.
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Create an Outlook compatible mailbox with ease...
When you have need to convert your exported Novell® GroupWise® messages to Microsoft® Outlook format, use the Advansys PST Creator.

Designed for use with Archive To Go and the Message Saver Pack, Advansys PST Creator exports one or more Archive To Go portable archives and Message Saver portable message folders to Outlook.

Applications include a user departing who uses Outlook at home and special software applications, such as legal discovery tools, which may require Outlook PST files.

Please see below for details and read what our customers say here: Testimonials.

It's easy to convert your GroupWise archives to Outlook format.

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  • Easy to use Wizard conversion process.
  • Convert multiple Advansys Archive To Go archives and/or Advansys Portable Message folders in a single session.
  • Create a new or import into an existing Outlook account.
  • Converts Mail, Appointments, Tasks, Notes and Documents.
  • Conversion of plain text and HTML formats.
  • Supports Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010.


  • Restrict conversion to a specified date range.
  • Convert the entire mailbox archive or choose which folders to export.
  • If no messages match the filter criteria, optionally exclude the (empty) folder from appearing in Outlook.


  • Detailed conversion log.

An easy to use Wizard guides you through the creation process.

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Outlook view of an imported GroupWise mailbox

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Before downloading, please review Solution Requirements below.


Advansys PST Creator can be purchased by organizations licensed for Advansys Archive To Go and/or the Advansys Message Saver Pack. The Advansys PST Creator unlimited license (unlimited archive conversions) is priced according to the organization's total GroupWise user count.

In addition, the unlimited license can be purchased by legal firms who need to convert Archive To Go archives or Advansys Portable Messages on behalf of a GroupWise customer.

Alternatively, for one-off requirements, there is a single archive license option which will convert a user specified Archive To Go archive only. See below for details.

Unlimited License

Advansys PST Creator is normally purchased a per organization/legal entity/government department license basis with tiered price options, shown in the table below. The organization price depends on the total number of GroupWise mailboxes within the organization. Customers may install and run the software on as many workstations, separately or concurrently, as required within their organization.

  • How to check your GroupWise System User count [Click Here].

For Advansys PST Creator licensing purposes, an organization is considered to be a separate entity, such as large government department or registered corporate/company/trading entity. Where a company or government organization is comprised of a group of corporate or major department entities, each department/registered corprate/company/trading entity within the group would need to purchase an appropriate Advansys PST Creator license.

  • Pricing shown below relates to your organization's total GroupWise mailbox license holdings.
  • Add 25% for optional annual upgrade protection.
  • For further information, please contact Advansys or an Advansys Partner.


Single Archive License

Buy Online More Infomation

Get the full Archive To Go version for organizations with over 200 mailboxes now via our secure online purchasing system. Prices shown are US Dollars.

Archive To Go $ Purchase Archive To Go WITHOUT Annual Upgrade Protection
Archive To Go with Annual Upgrade Protection $ Purchase Archive To Go WITH Annual Upgrade Protection

A single license is restricted to converting a specific Archive To Go archive originally created by Advansys Archive To Go Creator. The specific archive may be converted an unlimited number of times. Note that this option is available only for converting Archive To Go archives and not Advansys Portable Messages.

To purchase a single archive license, run Advansys PST Creator and use the Purchase License… menu option. This menu item will launch the Single Archive License Request utility, which is used to send a specific archive request to an Advansys Partner or Advansys. Upon receipt of your request and payment, an Advansys Partner or Advansys will supply a license which enables the PST Creator to run fully featured for your specific Archive To Go archive.


Legal Firms Only

Legal organizations which are performing research services for GroupWise customers who supply Archive To Archives or Advansys Portable Messages, may purchase Archive To Go at the following pricing. A combination price for both Archive To Go and Advansys PST Creator is also available upon request. Please contact Advansys for details.

Companion Products

GroupWise Mailbox Export

If you need to export a complete GroupWise mailbox to the Advansys Portable Message XML format (FML), have a look at Advansys Archive To Go. Designed to offer easy mailbox export of all GroupWise messages, documents and personal contacts, Archive To Go and the Advansys Message Saver use the Advansys Portable Message format. Advansys PST Creator can convert a complete or part of an Archive To Go archive to Outlook format.

GroupWise Message Export

If your users need the ability to export one or more messages selected from within the GroupWise client to the portable Advansys XML file format (FML), have a look at the Advansys Message Saver Pack. Designed to offer special use and project oriented message export capabilities, the Message Saver Pack uses the same portable XML format as Archive To Go. These files can be converted to Outlook format using the Advansys PST Creator.

Solution Requirements


  • Advansys Archive To Go archive(s) or Advansys Portable Message folder(s) as the input data to be converted to Outlook format. For more information, see Archive To Go and Message Saver Pack.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Redistributable or later.
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0:
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5:
  • Microsoft Outlook® client 2003 or later version.
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader to access product documentation.
  • Usage note: When using Advansys PST Creator on a workstation with the GroupWise Client installed (which is not required for PST Creator operation), prevent Outlook using Novell MAPI default settings. There are known MAPI configuration issues when running both the GroupWise client and Outlook on the same workstation. Prior to conversion, to prevent Outlook using Novell MAPI default settings, configure the Outlook client to prompt on startup for the MAPI profile to be used. You can configure this behavior in the Outlook client under Options | Mail Services | Prompt for a profile to be used. On Windows 2000 or above, you can also set this option by using the Windows Control Panel | Mail | Show Profiles, "When starting Microsoft Outlook, use this profile:" Prompt for a profile to be used. When Outlook starts and prompts you for the profile, select the appropriate one to connect to your Outlook data.

Obtaining the Adobe Reader

The Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from:

[Click Here]

See the Support page for options. If you have technical questions, feel free to visit our online support forums.
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